Burger King

This brief was assigned by Miami Ad School. The objective was to create something in-time for Burger King's annual Halloween campaign. Our idea was to take a scientific and quite boring approach, and make it cool and relevant enough to entice new consumers to try a new product.

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Miami, FL
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The Challenge

Considering our target of 18-24 year olds, we had to hack the halloween conversation to get Burger King in the media. We wanted to create something specific to the target audience where Burger King would speak their language in order to engage with them. We will do this by unveiling a universal product that will ensure not only delicious taste, but a great experience. We decided on "Taste the Unreal." A campaign where we use ingredients that could cause hallucinogenic effects. Enticing the thrill-seekers and halloween enthusiasts to try out the product.

Art Director: Geneviv Morales

Copywriter: Enrique Noval