Entorno Latin America

Entorno Latin America is a Corporate and Public Affairs consultancy specialized in designing communication and negotiation strategies focused on sustainability and responsibility, cultivating government relations and developing other opportunities present in the social, political and economic environment. I was tasked with creating the brand and helping them get started on the marketing front. The project involved initial logo, brand identity, social media kits and lastly the website design.

Entorno Latin America
Based In
Miramar, FL
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The Challenge

Starting a brand from scratch can be difficult. However, I found that Juan Toro, the owner, was very receptive to my design ideas. I was able to present moodboards and stylescapes to get us started. Once the brand identity was designed and finalized, we were able to move smoothly through the rest of the process, having a specific set of rules and guides in place to create a cohesive brand image.